York Township, Michigan

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YorkTwp Recycling Guidelines




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York Township Recycling Guidelines

RECYCLABLE RESIDENTIAL COMMINGLED CONTAINERS (Bottles & Cans) consist of the following:

  • Glass, transparent & translucent food & beverage bottles/jars. Paper labels are acceptable as are rings & lids on glass containers.

  • Tin/Steel cans, tin plated, food & beverage containers, all sizes; paper labels are acceptable.

  • Aluminum used beverage containers and foil clean of food.

  • HDPE plastic bottles (SPI Code #2) – blow molded (bottle-necked) natural and colored HDPE containers, including plastic milk jugs, water jugs, detergent bottles, and similar items; caps & labels are acceptable. Motor oil and anti-freeze containers are not acceptable. Tubs, pots, & trays are not acceptable.

  • PET plastic bottles (SPI Code #1) blow-molded (bottle-necked) clear & green PET containers, such as soda bottles, dishwashing soap bottles, and some shampoo bottles.

  • Multi-coated/plastic-coated paper beverage cartons: including milk & juice cartons (Aseptic). Residents are encouraged to discard containers’ contents, labels, caps, and rings, and to rinse containers.

RECYCLABLE RESIDENTIAL FIBER consist of the following:

  • ONP – old newspapers & advertisement inserts, loose or placed in Kraft (brown) paper bags. Old newspaper that contains incidental moisture from rain on collection days is acceptable. Soaked paper or yellowed newsprint in unacceptable.

  • OMG – old magazines containing glossy coated paper, including catalogues, glossy fillers or mailers, loose or place in Kraft paper bags, with the exception of wet material or material that was once wet.

  • OCC – old corrugated containers (cardboard) that are flattened & either cut down or folded to size no more than 3 by 2 feet and that have liners of Kraft, jute, or test liner. Staples & tape with water soluble glues do not have to be removed. OCC can be damp, but not soaked. OCC may be bundled and tied with sting or twine, collected loose or placed in Kraft paper bags. Wax-coated and oriental old corrugated containers are not acceptable.

  • Kraft (brown) paper bags – all sizes of loose, bundled or bagged Kraft paper grocery sacks.

  • Junk mail – all dry, loose or bagged bulk mail. All unopened junk mail & envelopes with windows are acceptable.

  • High-grade paper – all dry, loose or bagged white and colored ledger and copier paper, note pad paper (no backing), loose leaf fillers, computer paper (continuous-form perforated white bond or green-bar paper).

  • Boxboard – all non-corrugated cardboard, commonly used in dry food and cereal boxes, shoe boxes, and other similar packaging. Boxboard with wax or plastic coating and boxboard that has been contaminated by food is not acceptable.